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    Our tailoring services are for customers who value individuality and unique solutions. Our tailor-made suits always guarantee a perfect fit ensuring an attractive look for all occasions.


    Tailoring in our Moda-Pol tailoring workshop

    Our tailoring workshop will provide you with the perfect tailor-made suit. You decide on the final look of the suit. It is up to our customers to decide how many parts a suit comprises, whether a jacket should be single or double-breasted, and what cuts and fitting are to be applied. It will be your decision how many pockets we include, and what hem type and finish will be used. When ordering a tailor-made suit, it is up to you to decide what fabrics and complementary elements we will use to tailor your jacket and trousers.


    Step 1 - Choice of cut and measuring


    After reviewing your requirements and taking your measurements, our cutting team will produce a pattern from which an experienced master tailor will sew a perfect suit for you, which will require one or two fittings, depending on the chosen style and the build of the client.


    Step 2 - Choice of fabrics and complementary items


    We only use fabrics made from the highest quality wools, and quality wool blends suitable for suits, jackets and trousers. Our advisors will help you in the right selection of appropriate fabrics adapted to your build, physical characteristics and individual needs. As complementary items, we use durable and breathable viscose linings, Guterman threads, high-quality complementary items and a wide range of buttons made of various types of resins as well as natural raw materials.


    To complete the whole outfit, our team will help you choose other items for your wardrobe such as: shoes, shirts, ties, pocket handkerchiefs.

    Clear principles and good relations with clients are what we value.


    Customers from Bielsko-Biała and other nearby towns are welcome to use our tailoring service for the perfect and ideally fitting suit.  Our many years of experience in tailoring combined with expert advice at every stage guarantee that your suit will be tailored to your needs!


    Your needs are our challenge.

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